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Screen Printing Inks

Our range of screen & pad inks

Manufactured by Printcolor Screen Ltd in Switzerland.

At Inks & More
we know that not all inks are created equal.

We aim to supply our customers with the best ink available for the job that they want to do. Whether a customer is a one man band printing T-shirts or a large manufacturing company printing on automotive parts, our aim is the same.

As we are printer ink suppliers we want to help them do the best job they can by providing the right inks and machines for that job.

Screen Printing Inks

We only supply the highest quality of screen printing ink. Ideal for printing on glass, widgets, toys, automotive, pharmaceutical, cosmetics or manufacturing products, our screen printing ink has extremely high opacity, giving you an excellent quality print.

We also offer a free of charge colour mixing service to exactly match your Pantone references so the integrity of your client’s branding is never compromised.

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