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Tower Label X


The Tower Label laser marker is a dual XZ axis machine with an 800 x 300 mm stroke. It is ideal for automatically marking tags. This laser marker can manage one or more operational sequences, and LASIT can customize the software based on specific needs. The main advantage of LASIT’s FlyCAD software is its ability to progressively manage the data, automatically populating the laser engraving content on the tags based on the production order. Each loader on the Tower Label can hold up to 400 tags.

The machine uses LASIT’s FlexyMark structure, which guarantees complete stability of the laser marker and all its components:

  • Bosch profile frame;
  • Pick&Place system with pneumatic slide on Star Rexroth guides.

If different sized tags need to be marked, the loaders can adapt to the tags’ dimensions. This makes the laser marker highly versatile and a significant advantage in production.

Main features

Automatic process

The operator positions the tags in the loader and uses the software to start the cycle. At this point, the tags are automatically marked, picked by the Pick&Place system (equipped with a suction cup) and then unloaded.

Ordered unloading

A second magazine (a different from the one used for loading) is used for unloading, for “ordered unloading”. Otherwise, a slide unloads the tags (“disorderly unloading”).

Maximum productivity

The Tower Label laser marker can have up to 4 loaders for higher productivity. Loaders can be used for loading or unloading based on the laser marking cycle demands.

Technical features

  • Work position: Standing

  • Loader type: Fixed dimensions, adjustable dimensions

  • Maximum marking area: ø220 with FFL254

  • Vacuum system: Integrated

  • Laser type: All lasers with Fiber source

  • Number of loaders: 1, 2, 4

  • Door type: Manual or pneumatic

  • Dimensions: 2,265 mm Height, 1,175 mm Width, 980 mm Depth

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