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XE-TECH 16-20 Pad Printer


After years of research, design and experience in the pad printing field, Comec-Italia now has a new revolutionary unit able to meet the most complex printing tasks, in pad printing.

XE-TECH-16-20 is the name of this innovative machine that has the function of being the only fully automatic and computerized pad printing centre. The complete system is controlled by a PC Pentium III with WINDOWS XP PRO, axis control board Pmac, and with highly sophisticated software able to auto learn the drawing the printing points and able to choose between 3 different print pads and 6 cliches with hermetic inkcups and ceramic rings.

This permits with only one machine to solve all the needs of printing that in the past were managed by many units. The XE-TECH-16-20 can memorize hundreds of programs in the 20 Gb Hard Disk of the PC. Each program can make up to 50 printing phases, and if needed all programs can be saved to a USB key of 250Mb given with the machine. From the touch-screen it’s possible to see the diagnostic of the machine.

The machine is also complete with automatic and programmable pad cleaning, hot air blower model HOT WIND 200 complete with adjustable pipes; a vacuum pump to hold the part during the printing phase and of cause infrared barriers for the safety guards.


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