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Automotive Laser Marker


The LASIT Fly Hoover is perfect for laser marking on automotive parts and components.

Thanks to laser technology, it is possible to mark barcodes, QRcodes, Datamatrix and texts clearly and permanently on any type of component, and automotive companies are increasingly driven to implement traceability marking to increase vehicle safety and traceability.

The custom made LASIT Fly Hoover laser marking machine features motorised X & Y axis, automatic opening/closing door and safety curtain for improved safety, and comes with a built-in PC, monitor and custom software. 

Different laser marking uses in the automotive industry include:

  • Laser marking on glass (such as the VIN Numbers (Vehicle Identification Numbers) etched into the windshield)
  • Laser marking on metal (such as Chassis Numbers engraved within the engine bay, VIN or Identification plates which are attached within the door space, and Data Matrix Codes marked on a range of components)
  • Laser marking on plastic (such as Data Matrix Codes and Serial Numbers lasered onto a range of plastic parts that need identifiers)
  • Display marking for vehicle dashboards, instruments and switches
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