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RotoMark is a laser marking machine equipped with a rotating table with a mechanical cam which has from 2 to 8 workstations. It allows marking of both small and large parts by loading and marking at the same time. The ability to load and unload while marking optimizes machine reducing the time of work on the production line.

RotoMark is designed for the highest productivity and can be optimized for individual part marking, an array of parts, or a very large part. The programmable motorized Z axis, operated by the FlyCAD marking software provides a significant range in focus to be able to mark from 0 to 300mm.


Maximum Productivity

Rotomark was designed for those who have high productivity requirements and those who need to mark large articles, but it is also extremely functional when working on a single article or a small set. The Z axis is operated by the FlyCAD marking software, and allows marking details within a broad range of thicknesses, from 0 to 300mm.

Welded Steel Frame

Rotomark is extremely rigid and ergonomic: its frame was developed entirely in welded steel. After thermal expansion, the frame is carefully finished to create support surfaces for screws and sliding guides, resulting in the following advantages.

Upgrade X Axis

The X Axis allows us to cover a marking area that is larger than that of the focal lens alone. With the FFL160 focal lens, the work area reaches 800x100mm, which can be increased if we use a lens with a larger diameter. Indeed, with an FFL254 focal lens, the marking area becomes 750x150mm.

Compatible Accessories

  • Rotating Axis

  • Tilting Rotating Axis

  • Vision System

Technical features

  • Work position: Standing

  • Rotating Table size: ø1000

  • Available marking areas: ø140 with FFL160, ø220 with FFL254

  • Maximum marking height: 300 mm with FFL140

  • Laser type: Optic Fiber or MOPA 20-30-50-100W

  • Maximum weight on the plane: 20 Kg

  • Type of door: Manual

  • Machine size:1940mm Height, 1200mm Length, 1700mm Depth

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